Tuesday, 31 January 2017

CANDY Meet: January 2017 Ladurée Chinese New Year Meet

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Yesterday the 29th CANDY went to Ladurée Sydneys Chinese New Year event.
It was a small meet to start off the year with Rosa and Mina in attendance.

We met at Kinokuniya so Rosa and I could buy the latest issue of Larme then made our way to Ladurée. Going to high tea is old hat for the CANDY girls now, we seem to do it a lot! The CNY event had a set high tea which was just enough food for all, and we also received a gift bag from Mecca Cosmetica as our red envelope.

We sat at Ladurée chatting for so long that we were eventually asked to leave! As always it's super easy to have long conversations about fashion, blogging and other life stuff. After leaving Ladurée we wandered around the city perusing Daiso, Zakka House and The Garden of Spring, a longstay Chinatown staple for lovers of girly make up and homegoods.
We had met up at 3:45 and only started making our way home at 7:30 having completely lost track of time...

Not to sound like a broken record but I love love love our community and our meets! I put lots of work into planning them and getting feedback from our members so they can only get better and better. If you're in New South Wales and into gyaru, himekaji, larme or swankiss definitely join our group on facebook and maybe we'll see you at a meet someday!

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  1. Waah everything looks so nice~ Subscribed! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ
    - Amiman ♥


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