Sunday, 20 March 2016

CANDY Gyarusa Meet: Hello Kitty Diner

Yesterday the Sydney Gal and Larme Community CANDY met up at the Hello Kitty diner!
In attendance were Rosamina, Sarah, Iris, Bec, Jess and I.

Dress code was pink and fluffy for easter! A lot of people that saw us seemed to think we were all dressed as bunnies, haha. A few children were calling us the bunny girls!
It was really lovely to have two new gals at the meet as well as catching up with familiar faces. Conversation ranged from blogging to diets to buying clothes (the go-to topic as expected!)
We all ordered way too much food and could barely finish it all let alone fit on the table.

After hanging out at the diner for a while we wandered around the shops a little, met up with Jess, and took photos!

One by one we all went home until a few of us were left and it was arcade time! Jess and I ended up winning almost 200 tickets and scoring a broken bubble gun 😂

I had so much fun this meet, and generally felt a lot better since we weren't out in humid weather like last time. I'd really like to plan more excursion style meets where we go do an activity, like bowling, visiting the aquarium, etc. I also need to remember to take more photos with my proper camera! Sarah and I were actually twinning but you can't tell in any of the photos which is a shame.
Thank you again to the gals that came and I hope to see more of you next time!
We're always looking for more members so if you're in Sydney or can make it to Sydney for a meet, please join the facebook group and invite your own gal pals! Our comm is open to all modern gal styles including larme kei and swankiss style and we're always sharing info on the page about shopping. See you soon!

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