Saturday, 27 February 2016

CANDY: First ever Sydney Gal and Larme Comm Meet!

Today was the first ever meet of the Sydney Gal and Larme Community!
In attendance were Mimi, Jessica, Sarah, Iris and I.
We decided to name the comm:
We started our day at the Tea Salon. Unfortunately the staff had just moved to a new computer system and were pretty busy, so we waited a while for our high tea sets. The staff were very sweet and apologetic however, and it gave us some time to chat and get to know each other.

Then we slowly made our way to Purikura Photoland for UFO catchers and photos!

Jess then went home and the rest of us spent the remainder of the afternoon wandering in and out of toy and make up shops.

It was a hot muggy day but it didn't rain so I therefore deem our first meet a success! I'm so happy I was able to create a gyaru comm in Sydney and actually have people turn up for a meet. I want to thank Mimi especially for getting the ball rolling and booking the Tea Salon for us, and Sarah for coming all the way from Wollongong!

I'm so excited for future meets, I hope more members will be able to attend next time!


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  2. Wish it was a bit closer but I'll defiantly save up one day to come to a meet!! I live near Brisbane (well... two hours away. But that's closer than Sydney lol) but still in NSW! And there is no Brisbane Gyaru community :(

    1. Hi! Really happy to have you in the comm ♡ I think you spoke to Mimi? I added you on facebook, hope to chat to you soon!

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