Tuesday, 31 May 2016

CANDY Sydney Gyaru Community Meet: Ladurée!

Yesterday CANDY visited Ladurée for high tea!
In attendance were Bec, Iris and Sarah.
As usual we all voted on a dress code. The winner was a tie between blue and floral so a lot of us wore both!

The Ladurée cafe is located in the CBD Westfield, a level below the Tea Salon that we visited on our first meet. The staff were extremely nice and the food was so yummy, as expected! Most of us got the Afternoon Tea sets which came with various sponge cakes, macarons and sandwiches. I got the Cheri tea which was delicious, and I'm still daydreaming about the amazing salmon sandwiches... mmmm.
It was nice to have a relaxed meet where we could all sit and chat over delicious food. I enjoyed the big zoo and pancakes meet as well, but sometimes it's preferable to do as little walking as possible and just chill out!

After Ladurée we followed tradition and wandered to Chinatown for purikura and window shopping. I've recently moved into a new apartment so I picked up a whole heap of My Melody homewares at Zakka House, typical Taffa... I'm always holding people up while visiting that damn store!

I can't believe we've already had four of these meets after just starting this group on a whim in November last year. Having any sort of fashion comm to be a part of has been a pipedream of mine ever since I got into clothing as a hobby- whether I was doing gothic, fairy kei or spank styles. Engaging with people with the same interests both on our facebook page and in person has been such a fun and rewarding experience for both myself and the members. We learn from one another with shopping guides and purchase reviews, eat yummy food together, and comfort one another when we've walked around the city in heels... haha! I've really grown to love these girls and love being able to meet up with them and plan the next hang out excitedly with them.
We still have a few members that have yet to attend meets that I would love to meet someday, I really hope to continue growing our community and spreading cute and fun style throughout our city!
Remember, we're always recruiting anyone into gyaru, swankiss and larme kei so if you're around Sydney check out our facebook group!

I wore a Liz Lisa dress and denim jacket, a Honey Salon bag (unseen) and Mon Lily shoes. Dress and bag were purchased via Tokyo Otaku Mode, use my reference link for a discount.

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