Saturday, 24 May 2014

Room revamp!

This is gonna be a fairly long image-heavy post, just warning you now!

So if you follow me on just about any social networking platform you've probably heard me talk about redoing my bedroom. I've been in this tiny bedroom since late 2011 and although I settled in, I never really fully owned the space. My furniture didn't match, and I had too much of it- you could barely fit two people in the room at the same time (which sucked because I like to have friends stay over a lot). There was also a lot of stuff that was outdated as far as my personality was concerned- a lot of black and grey, unwanted gifts, and school books I shoved away when I left high school 3 years ago. I finally decided it all needed to change about a month ago- and today I can happily say the remodelling has been a success!

Not only did I replace all the furniture in my room, I was able to throw out/donate a lot of stuff I didn't want or need anymore which was a really refreshing feeling. I feel like I've started anew, and so close to my 20th birthday it was really called for.

I'll start off by talking about one of my favourite new furniture pieces, something I've wanted for a really long time- a vanity table!

I bought this table second-hand on Gumtree, an Australian classifieds website. I had previously found my pink bike on this site so I was confident I'd be able to find what I was looking for. The vision I had was of a white vanity table that wasn't necessarily vintage or antique, but the one I found was even more than I could ever wish for. Pastel pink, gorgeously detailed and the perfect size. I paid $125 for it.

They key to redesigning my room was to figure out how to store and display my things in smart ways. Rather than having multiple sets of shelves or drawers on the floor, I have made use of under-bed storage and wall shelving. This left more floor space and generally made the room look larger. I also took down the 8 or 9 posters I had up as they were closing in the space.

Another thing I added was these 4 hooks on the wall for hanging bags, as I have a fair few and didn't have anywhere to store them previously. It doubles as a cute way to display them as well.

The bed (which pulls out into a double bed), bedspread, wall hooks, cloud lamp, flower lamp, floating shelves and coffee table are all from Ikea. Many of my plush toys are from Zakka House (shameless promotion, I work there!). I buy Japanese magazines from Kinokuniya, and Korean albums from Media Asia.

You can see what my room looked like when I first moved in here, and what it looked like a year ago here.
And of course if you're having trouble viewing the photos you can click 'em to make 'em bigger.

I'm done now!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Digital Mixed Media

Took a break from making dumb Block B edits to make even dumber edits of myself.
Tools: Photoshop, Tumblr
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