Friday, 18 April 2014

Kawaii culture comes to Sydney!

Hello everyone!

I wanna tell you about the exciting new boutique opening up at Purikura Photoland here in Sydney. Purikura Photoland (known to many as 'Caps' because of it's location in Capitol Square) has been the best place in Sydney to play UFO catchers and take purikura sticker photos since 1999. I've been a frequent visitor for many years- but my lack of luck when it came to winning prizes was leaving me empty handed once it was time to go home. Finally, there is a boutique in the middle of Photoland bringing all sorts of licensed goodies- without having to catch them first! The boutique is currently unnamed (you're welcome to suggest something to me if you have a good idea!) and is run by friendly staff with the sole goal of bringing the best of kawaii culture to Sydney.  I'm super excited about their limited Easter Collection Showbags!

A total of 3 showbags are currently available:
Deluxe Hello Kitty

Deluxe My Melody

Kids' Hello Kitty
(The scented bubble blower is so much fun!)

I have a My Melody showbag with me today so I can show you what's inside!

All the goodies come inside a reusable canvas tote. I can confirm everything is official- I'm crazy about  the Sanrio license sticker!

The tote has a zip at the top and a small pocket inside so your traintickets/keys/phone are still easy to get to. I feel like this is gonna be a go-to bag for me when travelling.

Here is everything inside!

I love these slippers. They say they're an adult size 26cm on the tag but I'd call them free size, as most slippers are. Both me and my mum fit in them fine even though my feet are much smaller than hers. They're super soft and warm- I won't lie, I'm wearing them as I write this.

This small pouch is the same design as the tote. It would be cool to take some make up in this pouch and use the tote for your pajamas and go to a sleepover! It's the perfect size for a lipgloss, a powder compact and maybe some sneaky q-tips (you don't carry them with you? just me? okay.)

These little post it notes are far too cute. Great for using on a calendar if you don't wanna ruin the paper or labelling just about anything.

I had never actually used a mug lid before- but they're kind of perfect. No more spilling my coffee while carrying it to the table, no more drinks going cold because I forgot about them in another room. The size is also really good- I tried it on my smallest mug and my largest mug and it worked great with both!

These showbags are limited, so pick one up as soon as you can!
I'm really excited about the future of this boutique. I hope you are too!
If you want to find out more about this boutique as it grows, you can like Purikura Photoland on facebook here. You can also join in on the discussion on Hello Kitty Loves Australia.

Til next!

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