Sunday, 30 March 2014

Taffa Loves Juizy Woozy!

Hi again all! Today I will be reviewing 3 items from Indonesian clothing brand Juizy Woozy that they were kind enough to send to me! I love these clothes because they're heavily influenced by cartoon styles, food, and Japanese kawaii culture. What more could a Taffa ask for?
First off, the staff I spoke to was really nice and sweet and got the package to me super fast! I'm not used to packages arriving within 3 or 4 days so it was a really pleasant surprise for me!

First item: Usagi bag

I wanted to get my hands on the bunny bag because it reminded me of Swimmers bunny bag that came out in 2011- super quirky and super cute. I like big bags that I can fit make up, my big headphones, and my Nintendo DS into- and this bag does that! For it being well-made, super cute, and spacious I give it
(missing a star for the stain on the inside)
I also like how the white is pearlescent- adds a little something extra that canvas or cotton couldn't.
I'm really looking forward to coordinating this bag with both all white outfits as well as colourful ones.

Second item: Ice cream top (free-size)

Check out my wings!! This is actually two tops, a singlet and the jumper top. The yellow top is thin, thinner than a normal t-shirt, which makes it good to wear alone in summer or layer in winter. I am wearing it over a dress without the singlet underneath.
Both pieces are soft and the design is crazy adorable. I want a cartoon about my life drawn in this style!

The third item I received was a surprise! I did not choose this top but I totally love it- how do you know me so well Juizy Woozy! Pink, cherries, bows, glitter- you can't go wrong.
I don't know how I feel about the back of the top looking like a shirt a 7 year old boy should be wearing, though. Some people might like it but it's not really my style. I'll probably wear jackets with this top a lot.

I totally wish the cow logo on the tag was a peel sticker. I may have spent a good 10 minutes trying to peel it off the cardboard so I could have a super cute cow on my laptop.

If you want some of these super cute clothes (and I'm sure you do) head to Juizy Woozy's facebook page and have a look at what else they have to offer! There are hooded tops, custom painted shoes, charm bracelets and more for you to sink your sweet tooth into.

Til next!

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