Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sickly Boney Girl~

I'm probably a tad obligated to make an update here because last time I posted I was 17.
Last Friday was my 18th birthday and I celebrated for about 3 days (which always seems to happen with my birthday as its hard to get all my friends together at the same time). I don't have a lot of photos yet because most of the photos we took were film, but when we get those developed I will make a big birthday post.
It was basically 3 days of sleep overs, Japanese snack food, cider, Fight Club, picnics and *ahem* herbs.

I didn't receive a lot of gifts because like me, all my friends are broke (teehee) but what I did get was a brand new laptop, which is oh so great. It's a Dell Inspiron, and we got a pink cover for it which I love. I also got a nail art coffee table book, a quilt my friend hand sewed for me, and skeleton tights! Finally.

I wear a pair of sheer black tights underneath them for extra warmth and to make them more opaque. I've wanted a pair for ages so to finally have them in my collection makes me feel close to complete~ sigh.

I've actually been quite ill for about a week now, I have some sort of stomach bug :( I've been spending the last week in bed with a hot water bottle eating toast, banana and yoghurt. I want to get better soon, I miss going out! (And creamy foods!)

And finally: I'm currently really obsessed with Korean boy band Big Bang. Like, really obsessed. I'm so upset they're not bringing their ALIVE tour to Australia! :'( :'(

I'm basically on tumblr much more than any other website at the moment, so if you miss hearing from me please give my blog a look at

Til next!

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Buffalo originals have hit Sole Struck. Slam dunks will become that much easier when you're wearing these bad boys! Which ones are your favourite? I'm shocked to find myself edging towards the red...

If you think the platforms on these babies are ridonkadonk, check out this 30cms of pure pleasure.
Would you spend $225 on these, or is the spice a little too scary for your liking?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Baby's On Fire!

The video is finally here! The pastel scheme is to die for. I basically just want to have sleepovers with Yo-Landi and borrow all her clothes.

80's Reeboks are on my wishlist.
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