Monday, 30 April 2012

Inspirations 4/Goodbye Playlist

If you've had to say goodbye to a lot of friends/lovers/family members lately like I have been over the past few years then you might find this playlist encouraging, comforting, or something of the like.

Friday, 27 April 2012

My first Alien Maison video!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was recently chosen to be Miss Thursday on a weekday-based collaboration channel called Alien Maison. Making this video was harder than it looks: I had major issues with my editing software and a lot of difficulty coming up with interesting things to say but luckily I did some video diaries on Tuesday night when Adam and I went the Avengers premier and was able to include that footage. n.n

If the annotation doesn't work with embedding, here's my audition.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Avengers Assemble!

Wig: Minty Mix, Studded Jacket: Jay Jays, Crystal Castles Shirt: Bought at live show last year, Tulle Skirt: Alice In Wonderland for Jay Jays, Creepers: eBay

I will admit that I wore this outfit both yesterday and today. I had never thought of wearing a shirt over the skirt (it's twice as long as it appears here) but the jacket over the top hides the poof of layered tulle so I gave it a shot. I loved how it looked so much I wore it twice. (to the same place too...)

Yesterday I went to the shopping centre with my cousin Naomi to generally wander around and window shop. I had 10 pieces of tuna avocado sushi for dinner and was so full after! I'm so pathetic. Then I saw the guy that pierced my tongue at Hairhouse Warehouse and after half an hour of chatting Naomi decided to get her belly pierced! I tried to talk her through it and keep her calm but I've known her since she was born and so seeing her lying down getting her belly pierced just made me laugh. I'm a bad influence.
While out at the shops I saw an ad for a kids show they were holding for Marvel Avengers. Adam's really excited for the movie (which we're going to the midnight premier of next week) and generally loves Marvel superheroes so I decided to surprise him and take him to see it!

So today, after only telling him 'We're going to meet some very special people,' I dragged him to the shops and made him watch the whole show xD All the kids that volunteered to come up and play with Thor's hammer were so adorable! It was a really good laugh. Then while we were eating lunch (I had the 10 piece sushi again I'm so dumb) the Avengers were walking around the food court doing a meet and greet with the kids, so funny to see Iron Man and Captain America wandering around. I also got my taro milk tea upgraded from a small to a large because the lady working at Gumballs thought I was pretty and liked my wig! To me that's like someone buying me a drink at a bar. I was so very very full after that.

Adam had a great day of shopping, scoring a Turtle Beach headset for his Xbox, the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack and an Avengers poster (hehehe.) He also bought me a Hello Kitty DS game holder, it's the perfect accessory for me! And it came with a stylus that fits in my DS Lite too, which is great because my old stylus was so worn down it slid out of its pocket all the time. Ooh, and I reserved a Die Antwoord poster at JB Hi-Fi; it's so hard to find posters of them so I'm stoked.

In the evening we went to McDonalds with our friend Tom then headed back to his to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Such a big day of Marvel heroes! Adam was kind of owning us (he picks a killer team of Dante, Deadpool and Super Skrull whereas I'm partial to Tron, Haggar and Iron Man) but it was still a lot of fun. Button mashing is a skill of mine~

The exciting news of the day is that I am now the new Thursday contributor on Alien Maison! They're a collab channel on youtube with a lovely alternative vibe and I adore how fresh and different they are in comparison to other collab channels I've seen. I'm so honoured to be chosen to be part of the family, I'm super excited to get to know the other members and make some great videos! My first video for the channel will be online on the 26th, so go subscribe and get excited!

I've had a pretty big day for someone as lazy as myself so I'm gonna listen to OF Tape 2 and head to bed. Before I go, here's my latest playlist: similar to ko, its got a lot of electronic music and hip hop. I hope you enjoy it n.n

Til next!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A love letter to fashion♥

I've been realising over the past few months just how much I love fashion and how much alternative culture means to me. I've been stuck in a strange place for the past few years where I didn't know who I wanted to be or what I was into, and everything felt more and more useless and pointless up until when I left school just over a year ago. I went to a private christian school where you couldn't wear your hair out or dye it (not that the rule stopped me), weren't allowed to wear eyeliner (that didn't stop me either), you had to wear a certain brand of socks, no bracelets... etc. I've always been a very creative person and I was discovering throughout high school how to express myself through my appearance and it was easy to feel discouraged and held back by the uniform rules. As soon as I left, I dyed my hair purple and put on every bracelet I owned! It felt terrific to know that if I wanted to have orange hair I could do it, I could paint my nails any colour I wanted, I could wear a beanie if I felt like it, and I was no longer restricted to 70 denier stockings! I could apply my much loved liquid eye liner in the morning without fearing that I'd be asked to remove it throughout the day, and team it with a bright green eyeshadow too (: Having the freedom of not wearing a sack of a school dress every day has given me the opportunity to discover my own style as I now get to choose what I wear every day of the week. I went through so many looks last year, starting with tshirts, skinny jeans, vans and a pixie cut at the beginning of the year to playing around with spank! and other fun Japanese styles. I'm beginning to settle on a look where studs, leather and band tees live in harmony with lace, florals and tulle. I dream of platform shoes, white stockings and acid wash denim *sigh* and only a year ago I would never have felt so inspired in how I want to look and be (: Being excited about clothes leads to being excited about leaving the house, and that's a pretty massive thing considering I haven't felt ready to go back into studying or work. I'm now thinking about applying for a job at an alternative clothing store opening soon near me! So hopefully I can meet some great people there and maybe get into other things like maybe writing about fashion or styling shoots! *is very optimistic*
So thank you clothes for being so much fun and getting me back into being zany and creative! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

That sappiness aside, here are some looks that are inspiring me at the moment! Click any photo to enlarge it (:

I love the cult party kei and mori girl coords popping up in Japan right now that consist entirely of white and cream pieces. It's got a classic doll like appeal, like an old porcelain piece you find in your attic, blow the dust off of and just admire. These outfits consist of a lot of vintage pieces which means every one doing it still has their own unique touch on the look. Seeing photos of this trend makes me want to run straight to my nearest thrift store!

Skeleton tights!! I have no idea why I love how these look so much. Is the appeal in the halloween vibe? Is it because I love patterned stockings and I want these in my evergrowing collection? I can give no straight answer but I know I really want some and I've already thought of some outfits to go with them :') I would DIY some but I'm scared of ruining some lovely stockings...

I'm never sure what to call these. Odango? Double buns? Hair horns? Alien twists? I'm in love with them, whatever they are. My mum used to do similar twisty buns in my hair when I was small because Charli from the childrens group Hi-5 often sported 5 of them in her hair. She was pretty surprised when I asked her to do them for me again 13 years later! The look is achieved by teasing a section of hair then wrapping other pieces around it. Click here for Lockshops tutorial.

More looks I love after the jump (:

Sunday, 15 April 2012

OOTD: Joan Jett Fairy Princess

Wig: Minty Mix, WWF Shirt: Bought in Melbourne, Studded Jacket: Jay Jays, Scarf: eBay, Skirt: Revival for Dangerfield, Tights: Bought in America, Shoes: eBay, Bag: Iristar, Rilakkuma bag charm: Won in a UFO Catcher

Friday, 13 April 2012

Star Struck by Sole Struck

The problem with shoe stores having instagrams is that I can browse their stock from anywhere. I have an unhealthy problem for which I refuse to accept help! I found Sole Strucks instagram today which led me to trawling through their website wishing my dad invented toaster strudel. Here are my favourites...

Foxy Nite by Jeffrey Campbell in Nude Suede

Floam by Substitute in Black Clear

Cuffed by Jeffrey Campbell in Black Nubuck
(These remind me of a pair of Miista heels...)

Blyke by Jeffrey Campbell in Black Suede

Geranium by All Caps in Black w/ White Base

More after the jump!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Take A Flyer!

I'm sorry if I sound a bit overexcited in this post but I just had a really terrific day.

Danica and I spontaneously decided last night to go into the city together to 'stare at people'. That's really the only plan we had for the day. We ended up just wandering into shops, touching a heap of stuff, harrassing the employees and leaving without buying a thing. We tried on a lot of hats and took a shitload of mirror photos.

Yeah well fuck you too, ticket machine!

This guy had the cutest fluffy jumper with a puppy on it. Creepy stalker shot!

I really want those pink Nikes!

One of the craziest things we did today was hand out pamphlets. Sound pretty unexciting? Just wait.
We were walking to goodness knows where when an asian dude tried to hand us a flyer. I went to take it, but he didn't see me and pulled his hand back just as I reached out. So I thought oh well nevermind, and kept walking. But then his friend yells 'Oi what the hell? Take the freakin' pamphlet!' (or something.) Here proceeds a rant about poor business ethic and how he pulled his hand back while Danica is laughing her ass off, and then I don't know how it happened, but we ended up handing out flyers with them for the next half hour. We weren't getting paid or anything, we were just helping out (and cheering whenever someone actually took the pamphlet.) We didn't even know what the flyers said til about 10 minutes into handing them out- it was an ad for 50% off ugg boots! No wonder no one was taking them. So that was one thing that happened.

After we had McDonalds (of course) we decided to go to Newtown as neither of us had really been before and it has an 'alternative capital of Sydney' reputation. And it's true, we saw heaps of people with body mods and dyed hair, which is somehow comforting when you're wandering around with purple hair, platform sneakers and a studded leather jacket.

Danica somehow managed to not buy a single item of clothing, but I ended up with a skirt from Dangerfield and a top and a jumper from Vinnes (a charity shop). I also tried on a velvet dress but it somehow didn't sit right on me, so I decided to look for a velvet skirt in future instead.

 This looks a lot nicer in person O.o it's more creamy in colour too.

This also has a more creamy tone in person.

This shirt made me laugh so hard I couldn't leave without it!

It was already late afternoon/evening so we decided to head home at that point and got our separate trains.
As I was walking down the driveway to my apartment I noticed a big white Australia Post van, and couldn't help but get a little excited. I took my time getting my keys out of my bag as he did a u-turn in the parking lot, probably staring rather creepily. Then as I'm about to unlock the security door the postman yells 'You're not from Unit 1 by any chance are you?' 'I am!' *runs up to van like a child would to an ice cream truck*
'What's your name?' 'It's either Mandy or Tabitha.' 'What?' 'Well depending on whether we ordered in my mums name or not.' (Fuck, you're an idiot Tabitha.) 'Yep that looks all good' says he, and hands me a package- with Minty Mix on the front! 'Oh my god thankyou so much' I practically squeal and run to the security door to get inside as soon as possible.

My wig is here! My wig is here! My wig is here!

It's so great, I have no words. I'm wearing it right now. Not only did I get the wig, but also a wigcap, a small phone charm, a Minty Mix bumper sticker and a little pink heart peg holding it all together! I'm just over the moon with everything.

So that was my day! I'm so glad I'm over my throat infection and was able to go out and see one of my best friends in the whole wide world. We always have so much fun no matter where we are (:

Til next!
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