Sunday, 1 November 2015

Stand Outs from Liz Lisa Winter 15~16

When I saw this bag on a Liz Lisa shop twitter I gasped aloud. I already own at least 10 heart shaped bags but whats another? The design is almost identical to the classic MILK design but the added Liz Lisa touch of lace and frills really makes this bag special. I decided to get white since I already own a MILK replica bag in pink.

These pumps are extremely similar to the velour pumps that came out in the autumn collection, the only differences being the lack of embroidery, the crossing on the back, the detachable pompoms and the heart charm. I got the autumn pumps in bordeaux and they are honestly some of the most comfortable shoes I own due to the large platform at the front and solid heel, so getting this similar style was a no brainer. I had been considering buying a second pair of the autumn pumps in the pink colourway but decided to go with the winter ones just for the slight variations. Why white? To match the bag, of course.

I don't know. I don't know why I like it. The layering at the front gives me rococo vibes so maybe it's that. The pattern itself doesn't do much for me though so I probably won't be purchasing this piece.

This dress is very princessy to the point that it could easily be used in an OTT himegyaru coordinate. The description of the dress suggests that the open back is a little 'sexy' but that the large organza bow brings it back to cute. I like any pattern with sweet treats on it so I bought this one without thinking twice.

I'm still thinking about this one but I may buy it once it goes on sale if it doesn't sell out completely before then. I usually prefer a peter pan collar as I don't think harsh shapes suit my style but the teacup pattern is so cute which makes the dress a very tempting purchase.

Did I impulse buy? Yeah. Do I at least have shoes to match? Yeah. Does that make it excusable? No.

Honourable mentions

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