Sunday, 4 October 2015

100th Post - Afternoon at the Park

Wow, 100 published posts! At a time where I've just changed up my blog name and theme this pivotal step seems extra important. Although my blog isn't as popular now as it was in it's first year since I now make more personal posts as opposed to talking about popular books and hairdressers I'm still focused on taking it further and hopefully making something useful of it. Maybe I should start talking more about books and hairdressers again.

Yesterday Adam and I went and had a picnic by the water which was a really nice way to start a long weekend. We also went and saw The Martian which I really enjoyed as I've been reading a lot about space lately, especially Mars. I've been reading a lot of What If? and Wait But Why and watching Elon Musk interviews and I'm not sure how I got started on it... It kind of freaks me out that I seemed to know nothing about what Elon was doing up until this year.

Anyway back to the blogging thing... I think I'll work harder from now on to talk more indepth about things, like instead of saying 'I bought this dress from Tokyo Otaku Mode' talking about my experience with the order so I'm actually providing some useful information to others. I mean this is my space to talk about whatever I want however I want but I might as well focus on making what I post at least a little substantial to the readers.

Dress: Liz Lisa, purchased via Multipal

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