Monday, 6 April 2015

Taffadam Engagement!

Hi there, blogspot!
Three weeks ago on the 21st of March my fiance Adam and I celebrated our engagement with around 70 of our closest family and friends.

We spent a few months planning around my kitsch teen prom valentines vision. I wanted everything in red, pink and white- including the food. Treats included a white chocolate fountain, strawberry and cream sandwiches, custom fairy bread, 2 kilograms of jellybeans and vegan fairy cupcakes.

Unseen are the 50 cans of Dr.Pepper, Cherry Coke and Strawberry Fanta!
I got a custom gel set at Wonderland Nail Room, my new favourite nail salon. Ai is always super receptive to my ideas and is super sweet and fun to hang out with.
The cupcakes with the photo of Adam and I slapped on top were brought by my evil best friend Bonnie.

The night flew by stupidly fast- Adam and I barely catching a glimpse of each other as we ran about greeting guests and taking photos. My gorgeous cousin Naomi took all of the photos you're seeing here and helped me set up the photobooth to my tacky specifications. Follow this link to check out her photography page as well as all of the party photos not featured here.

There's the couple!

The big emotional part of the night where I actually got to slow down and think was when both of our mums made speeches. Adams mum made jokes about Adams cooking and me coming over to use the internet, and my mum spoke about the different struggles Adam and I had been through together and how we had found life partners in each other through those moments. I also spoke to the guests about how loved I felt that everyone had come to celebrate Adam and I as most of my family live overseas. It was very special to have my surrogate family of mine and my mums friends together to celebrate with.

What would I have done differently? Probably been more forceful with mine and Adams friends about coming, because the night was gorgeous and I'm a bit sad that a few of our friends missed out. It was truly special and went just as I would want it to go- the playlist never skipped, the food didn't spoil- and Adam is simply perfect.

Here's to the following year of stressful wedding planning!

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