Friday, 26 October 2012

OOTD: Steam Pirate??

Went back to the op shop after being afraid of it for a few weeks. Ah, it was so nice to be back amongst the pre-loved dresses and musty smell~ Most of this outfit included pieces I bought today. I'm wearing an underdress, two skirts, one dress, one top, one belt, and two cardigans. It's a kind of mori outfit, kind of something else. I called it steam-pirate when I saw it in the mirror, haha.

^ same outfit with less pieces! (skirt worn as dress)

What I Wore Yesterday~

Hat and top thrifted, skirt is Revival for Dangerfield, belt is hand-me-down, shoes are (old) Girls Xpress.
Dirty mirror!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

100 Wacky Prints

This polyvore collection is crazy! Makes me want to run to every opshop in a 30km radius and pick up all the ugly blazers I see.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What A Shame.

Ah, how sad. I've been to scared to go back to my local op shop for the past few weeks because last time I went, everyone in there (staff included) were rude to me because I was wearing cult party. I had visited the op shop in similar coords before, and in fact, most of my outfit had been purchased at that store! It made me very nervous. I know I dress in an unusual way for Australia and I expect a few stares, but everyone I happened to walk past that day was horrible. I can deal with one of two rude people pointing, but it was over 30 people that time, at the train station, at the op shop, on the street, everywhere. And it was my nth time in cult party in my area!

Usually, I do not let anyone elses opinion affect my clothing choices. That's the difference between style and fashion, you know? But if absolutely every stranger on the street is making comments like 'I would not be caught dead in that' or refusing me service in stores and gasping and sighing dramatically- I get nervous and anxious.

I want to pretend I'm doing study at university or something, and hand people a survey on a clipboard when they walk past me.

  • Why did you react like that to my outfit?
  • Did you think twice about why it shocked you?
  • Do you have a problem with/are you offended by long silk dresses and lace?
  • Did you think to respect me as a human before nudging your friend and gossiping?

It just confuses me really, because I think cult party is an as un-offensive style as it gets. No rude symbols or words, no political or religious statements, not 'a lot of skin showing' (not something I have a problem with, but others might) etc. etc.

I don't want to have to be nervous about wearing what I want to wear in my own neighbourhood.
Think I'm a weirdo for wearing a nightgown out all you like, but you'll never be as comfy as me. My silk dress is light as air, cozy, and beautiful. You will never know the joy of sifting through a clothes rack and finding the perfect vintage dress for $3. Don't scoff at me, I should be scoffing at you. If only you could be comfortable enough in your own skin to dress the way you wanted to. Pity.

 Jacket and nightie are thrifted (also wearing another thrifted nightie as an underdress), bag is from Typo, Vans were bought at Hot Topic.

Everything but the shoes are gifts or thrifted. Dress is worn as a skirt. I later added white tights and a brown belt to this coord.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Update: 'The Life and Lies'

I have reverted the article I wrote in April on Dakota Rose Ostrenga to a draft as I no longer feel it important to leave the post up, many of the source links and images have since broken, and I'm sick of getting messages about it. Apologies if you had hyperlinked the post elsewhere.

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