Friday, 30 March 2012

Bonnie Boo!

Yay, finally got these scanned! These are from when I saw Bonnie about a week ago n.n I love her so much!

Watching Helicopters

Yesterday was Adam's only day off work this week so we decided to actually go out and do something n.n We discovered that there's a place right by the train station near my flat that sells fish and chips for $7 but the lady misunderstood Adams lazy mumble and only gave us the chips ): 
We ate at the park, which has a nice (industrial) view of a river.

 First time french braiding!

(All these photos were taken with my phone, can you believe it??)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Going Grey

I feel like purple has really become my go-to colour over the past year. I always seem to go back to it, whether its a deep plum or a lavender lilac. Ever since I left school and was able to dye my hair whatever colour I like I've been experimenting with all sorts of colours but purple seems to just be my thing!
I want to integrate some silvery grey into my next dyejob. I wasn't sure whether I wanted my hair to be predominately silver or purple at first, but then I thought of Chanel's Spring/Summer Haute Couture 2010 and the to dye for (heh) hairstyles... dreamy sigh. The models all had sections of silver in their straight fringes and double headed beehives, and it worked just magically with their metallic and pastel outfits.

I'm also very excited to be ordering my first wig soon! I've wanted two tone blonde and black hair since i was 13 but the thought of stripping out black dye makes the hair on my arms stand up. (I have had purple/pink hair in the past though!) I've heard some fantastic things about Minty Mix wigs so I'm very confident I am going to be head over heels in love with my purchase!

Images sourced from Minty Mix,  Fashion Allure, Hair Colors Ideas, FY Lavender Hair and Lovely Dyed Locks.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chill Vibes

Adam's got a new job and he's been working 9 hour shifts the past two days so it's like ehhh
Also I've got this immature person sending me the stupidest made up stuff and then refusing to explain themself, I don't need crap like that.

To lax about these little things I made this playlist. The first song is a mix I made about a year ago, so it's got smooth transitions and junk. Really nice to just kick back to.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Fur! Fur! Fur!

It's happening, and I'm so excited!
First off I'd like to apologise for living in the southern hemisphere as I will be posting in different seasons to readers in the US, England etc. I kind of like being able to see what everyone here in Australia will be wearing in a few months when trawling northern hemisphere lookbooks/blogs/polyvores though ;)

That aside, omg fur! It's happening up there right now, so it's gonna happen down here in winter! And I am so excited. I cannot wait to see all the fashionistas walking around in cheap hooker coats. Really.

There was a heap of fur coats spotted on New York Fashion Week attendees this year. 

Look at all that warm and fuzzy goodness!

If the fur is faux and the weather is chilly let the fluffiness ensue, I say (: What a way to add some class to a lazy cozy winter outfit!

My other winter predictions for Australia are pleated skirts (long or short), maxi skirts, collars and (more) crucifixes. Forget autumn altogether, I want winter now!

Images sourced from The Fabulous Stains, C'est Classique, and Confessions of a Female Drag Queen.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Space Out

There's this kind of endless cycle you find when you get lonely. Because you're alone you find it easy to get sad, and there's no one around so it's easier to get caught up in your own emotions. And then you're sad because you're alone. It goes both ways.
I have maybe 4 or 5 friends. That sounds like heaps I guess but one lives a 2 day train trip away, one lives a 2 hour train trip away, and the others live 1 or more hours train trip away. Then they're busy with study or work, so I get to see them even less. Which is another reason to feel sad because they're busy doing things like that whereas I'm not really working or studying at the moment.
It's not something I can just ignore so I can 'get on with my life' because it surrounds me. Sitting in my room by myself for long enough, it becomes something that just constantly and silently nags. You're lonely. You're lonely. You're lonely. People find it hard to be your friend. The people that are okay with who you are live far away and are busy being more successful than you. People don't even like you on the internet anymore. You're pathetic. You're lonely. You're lonely.
And then it becomes harder to wake up, to leave the room. So it becomes a circle again. You're lonely because you're sad. You're sad because you're lonely. You're tired because you're sad. You're lonely because you're tired.

Today I'm meeting up with one of those friends I get to see very rarely. We always cancel on each other because of work, weather, poor planning, whatever. I'm very excited to see her. I can't wait to tell her how much the meeting means to me.

Here's a playlist. I didn't realise how many mash ups and rap I've been listening to lately.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I'm in love, okay?

Girl Dreams

I stayed up all night fixing my laptop and and making party mixes on audacity. Cause you know, I'm a normal person? I still haven't slept, let's see how long I last.

Here's today's outfit:

Dress: Ripcurl by Target Cardigan: Cocolate (or something) Spotted tights: eBay Lace socks: Goodness knows where Platform sneakers: eBay


I'd like to maybe go out today and pop into a thrift store but the weathers terrible and there's the fact I may pass out at any moment. I'm not as good as staying up as I used to be ): If I wasn't saving up for my motorcycle license I'd probably like to go get some snacks too! Boohoo.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Strawberry Bag Forever

I'm completely in love with the strawberry bag I bought while out with Danica the other day. It's surprisingly spacious! I usually carry around a small black bag that i can hardly fit my (foldable) headphones and phone into at the same time, so having this bag hold that and so much more (and still be half empty) is just a thrill to me. I own a lot of bags but this just has to be my favourite right now. I reckon it could also hold my big clunky SLR comfortably as well!

Look at all the junk it holds!

PS, how awesome are my vans? I got them for $15 at Hot Topic when I was in Boston a few months back (:

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Studded iPhone Case!

You've probably seen studded phone cases somewhere on the internet before. They pop up on tumblr every now and then; and then there are the people that try to sell them on etsy for $80. Well before you grab your wallet, have a read of C'est Classiques great and simple tutorial!

I followed it down to a T, ordering the same spikes from the same website and everything. $20 and some toothpick stabbing action later, here's my very own completed case!

I wasn't mathematical about the neatness of the stud placement whatsoever, but I can unscrew the studs any time and realign them if the messiness ever bothers me ;)

Monday, 12 March 2012

A Day With Danica


I spent yesterday hanging out with the beautiful and talented Danica. I hadn't seen her in almost a year so we did a heap of catching up at McDonalds (you know, my second home), bought some cute stuff we didn't need and went for a drive.

We spent at least an hour in Toys R Us crying over how ugly Gen 4 My Little Pony toys are and sifting through all the Pokemon toys trying to find a character we actually liked (why the hell do they make Drilbur plushies??). We ended up leaving the store with nothing but a Yoshi plush for Adam (He collects them.)

The place I really spent my money was Iristar (I had been to the Hornsby store only a week earlier.) Everything was on sale! I was walking around the store looking very ridiculous with a pile of stuff in my arms. The craziest thing I bought though was this huge Dragon Ball Z head! When I picked it up I had no idea what it was, I thought it was a poop >.< But I wanted it, and it was $60 discounted to $15, so I got it.

I only ended up spending $35 at Iristar, which was a really pleasant surprise! Here's everything I got:

 Cinamorroll coin purse, Smiley coin purse (not from Iristar), Korilakkuma notebook (Danica got the Rilakkuma.)

 Small strawberry bag

The backside of the Majin Buu plush

Then we went for a drive and ended up at Annies house where we picked up some stuff, made an apple pipe and then drove to a lake.

Sitting on that hill has resulted in me sitting on public transport picking farmers friends out of my skirt like a monkey.

Til next~
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