Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ghost World


So it's no secret that I'm a huge nerd for graphic novels turned movie franchises. I get excited about upcoming Marvel movies a year before they're released, I know every line to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and I actually paid to see The Green Lantern. But my favourite comic turned film has to be Ghost World.

Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson are Enid and Becky, two cynical American teenagers who have just graduated high school. The film and book both outline a small part of their journey to adulthood; figuring out their lives while pranking men who write love ads in the personals and calling strangers things like 'date rapists' or 'satanists'. And it stars Steve Buscemi! Now are you interested?

I think I love both the book and the film so much because of the little things in them that I like: such as garage sales, self-reinvention and green hair. It's full of all sorts of wacky characters and world views, yet is somehow relateable to yourself and everyone you know.

The soundtrack is also so great. The film focuses a lot on records and old time music, and there are some really unique tracks featured. The movie opens with Indian rock 'n' roll for goodness sake!

When I spotted the graphic novel in a comic book store in Philadelphia, I grabbed it without thinking twice. Every time I read it or rewatch the film I take something different from it and there's so many little things that happen that it just doesn't seem to get old.

Do you have a book or film you always find yourself going back to?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Friday, 24 February 2012


As I've been pulling these all off Tumblr, I can't really credit anything properly. I want to paint my bedroom walls sometime soon and I'm thinking of trying a mix of a Pokemon mural and lilac clouds. Let's see how that goes.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

A Playlist Just For You.

Sorry for the unplanned hiatus the last couple of days, I've been staying over at peoples houses and the days have been going so quick I've forgotten to blog!

I'm about to head up to Newcastle to see my friend Amy, so I leave you with this 8tracks playlist just for you.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Mirrored Collar

Made my first detachable collar yesterday! I didn't want it to just be plain, so I followed this tutorial for a mirrored collar.

Here's the completed collar:

I love how because they're made of CDs they occasionally reflect rainbow :3

I've ordered some studs to put on a phone cover and have calculated that I will have 2 left over so I plan to make another collar with a stud on each fold.

Til then!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Stuff and Junk!

My iPhone 4S arrived yesterday and I'm pretty damn chuffed. It's so slick and amazingly fast compared to my 8GB iPhone 3GS :3 And I can't stop playing with the front facing camera! So have a little spam :')

Today Adam and I ventured out into the hot Australian sun to go to a thrift store. Sadly we didn't find anything we wanted to buy but we had a lot of fun messing with the donated toys and sifting through piles of old records!

Here's what I wore:

Shirt: Stolen out of my mums closet Shorts: Supre jeans customised by a friend Shoes: Ebay Necklaces: Dollar shops/gifts

I got stared at a little bit more than usual, not sure why? I've seen shorter shorts on other girls...

I've also started up some DIY projects that I'll be posting about over the coming weeks n.n excited for my supplies to arrive!

Til then~

PS: Look what just arrived!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day!

It's Valentines Day!

Adam and I are dead broke so our only big plan for the day was to have a picnic at the park by my apartment. It looked like a great day outside, we had made our sandwiches and packed the rug- then suddenly it was pouring with rain! So we decided to have an indoor picnic instead. This is not the first time I've had an indoor picnic on Valentines Day, so I had a few bouts of deja vu~

There goes our perfect day!

Total snuggle bug.

Adams sister made those adorable cookies- and they tasted fantastic! And of course we had to use our Star Wars cups. (Mines R2D2.)

We watched The Hole while enjoying our food, only I would suggest watching a psychological horror on Valentines Day. Watching Adam squirm was a lot of fun~

We've been spending the rest of the day just relaxing and enjoying each others company. The weathers cleared a bit outside but we're too wary to leave the house- plus we finished our picnic already anyway.

I hope you had a lovely day whether you're in a relationship or not! It's a day celebrating love, not just couples. Remember that~!


Emulating: Eva's Pinkland

Today I wanted to emulate Eva's shorts/white tights/platforms look. I'm smitten with white tights at the moment so any excuse will do! I love Eva's blog, it's an explosion of pink 90s nostalgia, gorgeous hair and edgy fashion. What's not to like?

Here's my take on the look.

As you can see I have a thing for dorky poses :P

Look forward to my Valentines post later this evening~ Til then!

(Yellow tongue from soft drink, I'm not diseased hehe)

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