Thursday, 31 December 2015

HNY 2016!

Hello. I suppose it's new years eve again.

 Last year I said my goals were to buy a lot of clothes, stay busy, and try out new make up brands. Not particularly difficult resolutions, but hey, I achieved all of them. Those three jobs I spoke about having didn't end up working out because one of them became the full-time gig that I have been at for a year now. I had spent 2014 running around doing odd jobs for different friends shops and stalls and expected that to continue into 2015; instead I became an office worker who moved on from thrifty spank! and sneakers styles into gyaru and heels. More recently I actually dyed my hair brown. It's a work in progress (I'm hoping to achieve an ombre into pastel pink but it's been more difficult than I expected) but I've enjoyed not being pink. I don't stain everything I own with fuchsia dye any more, for one.

I said in this post that I'd revisit why this year has been so great for me again around new years, so here we are. I already talked about working, my Melbourne holiday, and my new penchant for himekaji, but I'd like to touch on anxiety butt-kicking again.

I am in no way shape or form past my anxiety. I know I may never truly be past it. I do however know my triggers, I know how to control and remove myself from stressful situations, and I know how to react to potentially explosive situations. I also know that it took time, patience and a lot of failure to get to this point, and that I still have more to work on. I would like to thank my close friends and family for being understanding when I'm having an off day. I can proudly say I've had so few this year I can count them all on my fingers. That is incredible.

Some other little 2015 highlights:

  • I saw Billy Idol live
  • I saw Big Bang live
  • Adam and I booked our wedding venue and set the date
  • I went on my first holiday without my family 
  • I got really into The Clash and found out that spotify has all of the first wave punk I could ever want (this has made me very happy)
  • Adam and I had our engagement party and in my opinion it was a big success for us
  • I was able to buy gifts for my friends and familys birthdays and on christmas for the first time ever
  • I went from being a back room casual to a junior to a full time employee at my job and have been able to use my hobbies like graphic design at work
  • Adam and I chose where we want to live next year once we're married
  • I made great new friends (Hi Natalie hi Jess)
  • I learnt how to be busy and have been able to juggle work and personal life better and better as the year progressed
  • Got really good at speaking to shop clerks and making professional phone calls
  • I got a (kind of huge) tattoo
  • I fell in love with gyaru and even went out on a limb and started my own gyarusa

Aside from continuing to work on my 21 goals, my resolutions for 2016 are:

Be responsible.
Be trustworthy.
Work hard.
Be kind.
Remove clutter.
Eat well.
Plan ahead.

I hope you have a safe and happy new year.

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