Friday, 2 October 2015

Welcome to Milk Punk.

If you follow me on twitter you're probably aware I've been wanting to drop the pseudonym of Taffa Kitty for a while.

I first started using Taffa Kitty as an online alias in 2011, when I was 16 years old and creating my first deviantart account. Ask me now and I couldn't tell you why I landed on it. My nickname amongst friends had been Taffa for a while, but what was the kitty about? Was it a non-subtle Sanrio reference? Is it because I lived with room mates and four other cats at the time? Did I slam my face on the keyboard until I felt I had found something substantial to replace the scene kid name I was sick of people googling?

Taffa Kitty was fairly memorable and very easy to land as a username. No one else was using it. No one else wanted to use it. It was uniquely mine. Trying to change it in 2015 when everyone has at least 10 online aliases proved to be a challenge.

I've known for a while I wanted to be Milk Punk. I saw the words used together as a name for a polyvore set full of pastel and frills mixed with leather jackets and pocket knives. All through my teenage years I was obsessed with trying to balance the overly feminine with the edgy and alternative. Florals and leather, punk boys with ballerina girlfriends. I loved it. I copied the words Milk Punk onto a sticky note and left it for over a year.

Upon typing milkpunk in various forms on blogspot, instagram and tumblr, I realised it was majorly hogged. Some people using the name had 3 posts on their page. Others hadn't touched their blog since 2006. I began wondering how I could contact these people and coerce them into giving the name up.
I wanted it so bad I decided I didn't care if I had various versions of the username across my accounts, hence milkypunk here and _milkpunk_ on instagram. I figured since I have a flavors page for all my links anyway it didn't really have to match perfectly.

So here it is- Milk Punk!

I hope now that I have a username that embodies my love for both the rebellious and rough as well as the sweet and dainty it can open up the way I post to express my interests better and more fluidly with one another. Pun not intended, but these interests clash. I wanna post about the New York Dolls while wearing my Liz Lisa dress. I wanna sulk with my black cats while painting my nails. I'll never be able to settle on whether I'm milk or whether I'm punk. So as the meme goes, why not both?

If you wanna keep up with my new linky dinks, click here.
See you all soon.

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