Friday, 29 May 2015

Fashunz, lately

Hair accessories: Daiso, Coat: Forever New, Dress: Liz Lisa, Belt: Alannah Hill, Bag: Liz Lisa x My Melody, Stockings: Forever New, Socks: Alannah Hill, Shoes: eBay

 Earrings: Wanting Collection, Cardigan: Penderie, Dress: Ank Rouge, Skirt: Revival, Bag: Syrup, Stockings: Forever New, Socks: Wanting Collection, Shoes: Tokyo Bopper

I'm definitely balls deep in a floral phase right now. Thanks, Liz Lisa. Aside from giving noveau grandma looks though, lately I've tried to make colour themed looks; such as these purple and red concepts I posted on instagram. (I did wear the purple one, but I'm too scared of red at the moment for the other.) I've also tried to be friendlier with blue. I do really love the whole Dorothy Gale vibe of wearing blue and red together, but I fear it's too much with the pink hair as well. I also think it appears strikingly obvious how hard I'm trying to not wear pink in this coord. I did really love the casual Oz redux though. I purchased the Ank Rouge dress via multipal on eBay, a really sweet merchant who tracks down rare gyaru brand items and resells them to overseas customers. You can get the dress yourself here. You can also follow multipal on instagram so you never miss an auction.

As for the Tokyo Bopper Ballerinas... Yes, I splurged a little there. But I was over my replica pairs falling apart and decided there was no better option than the real thing. I'm yet to regret that purchase.

If you've been reading this blog for some time you'll probably be as surprised as I am that I'm able to name drop brand names for all the items I'm wearing in these two coords. I don't think my thrifting days are over, it's just that my second job means the op shops are shut by the time I get home, and also that I have a little extra to spend on myself. I think I'll calm down on the shopping once the initial thrill of extra money has passed... I guess we have to hope that that's soon.

1 comment:

  1. So cute outfits! Especially the second one.
    Blue + red is such an exciting combo.

    I need more Lalaloopsies in my life now :S


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