Wednesday, 27 May 2015

27/05 Hair Dye

I try a new hair dye almost every time I retouch my pink. Last time I had my first go with Manic Panic, picking the shade Fuschia Shock. The colour was pretty sweet, but the transferring, oh the transferring! Even 3 months after dying I was still staining everything. My phone cases, my cardigans, my headphones, even the landline handset on my desk at work was stained pink. So I went back to a tried and true: Crazy Colour in shade Burgundy. I had tried this dye late October last year and had loved the deep berry pink shade it faded to from the initial purple- and loved the complete lack of colour transfer even more. Plus knowing my hair will be slick and root free come my 21st birthday in two weeks time is a proverbial weight off my shoulders.

Aside from redying my hair, there's not really much news aside from the fact that I will be in Melbourne for a week late June (birthday present to myself) and may be getting a tattoo while I'm there. (Well, not a may. It's booked. I've paid the deposit. It's happening.) I'm hoping to visit diners, Lady Petrova, the aquarium, and a cat cafe. I hope I can squeeze everything in while still seeing all my Melbourne people without burning out!

I'll be back soon to talk less about myself and more about clothes or whatever. I hope 2015 has been as awesome so far for you as it has been for me. Let's strive to keep learning and bettering ourselves every day.

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