Saturday, 30 May 2015


21 Goals for 21 Years

1) Become a harder worker that is less distracted.
2) Work harder on maintaining eye contact when speaking to others and making the other person feel important.
3) Become faster at simple math! Just addition...
4) Try to learn a new word every day and find a way to use it.
5) Assert self in adulthood: don't be threatened by rude kids on the train, you're bigger than them!
6) Keep my room tidy constantly! 
7) Get more sleep (hah...)
8) Here's a big one... maybe... get my drivers license?? (eek!)
9) Talk to others more about important issues, do more to help as well.
10) Don't hoard, and give away/sell unwanted items to reduce clutter.
11) Do more creative things. Make a song, whatever! Take cool photos spontaneously like I used to!
12) Develop a skin regimen that truly works for me. Try new products.
13) Be as organised at home as I am at work...
14) Do favours for people at home as I do at work!
15) Gossip less.
16) Make new friends with similar interests.
17) Go to drag shows!
18) Reach for a fruit instead of an unhealthy snack.
19) Drink as much green tea at home as I do at work...
20) Get ready faster in the mornings.
21) Live a life so great and exciting that there isn't a chance to be tired.

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