Sunday, 7 December 2014

Something Borrowed Something... Pink

It was Adams sisters wedding over the weekend. I stressed out for a while about what to wear because I felt all my dresses were too casual but then my mum stumbled across this Kitten D'amour dress online by chance- and I knew I wasn't going to find a dress I liked more. (Trust me, I spent hours trying.)

Dress: Kitten D'amour, Bag: Sanrio Vivitix, Socks: Wanting, Shoes: Bodyline

The dress is number 60 of 120- right in the middle! It feels special to know only a limited quantity of these will ever be made. It's definitely the fanciest dress I own- it has tulle sown in and all that fun stuff. I originally thought about pairing it with my heart shaped Katie replica bag but I felt the My Melody bag was more me, haha. The teaming of my new socks from Wanting Collection with the rocking horse shoes was a no brainer. This was also my first time trying a hair down curled style. It's difficult to see but I had twisted my hair at the sides and tied with small pink ribbons.

The wedding was nice and the happy couple look lovely together! I received a lot of compliments on my look too~

After working a long shift on Friday and then going to the wedding on Saturday, I'm spending my Sunday having a well-deserved rest- no tight shoes, no makeup, just me and my bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Til next.

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