Thursday, 4 December 2014

Inspirations 10

I've been spending hours on youtube watching Top Of The Pops, 80s toy commercials, Billy Idol interviews, The Clash documentaries, Joan Jett music videos and old episodes of Care Bears Countdown. Eating up all that retro goodness.
A lot of people have that retro fixation, most notably those who 'wish they were born in the 50's' but in the end they just like the pastel kitchen appliances, bell skirts and red lipstick. I am quite happy living in 2014, it's the age of information as they say so I can just simply go on youtube and consume 70s, 80s and 90s media without having to give up modern technology and the slight increase of tolerance for race, sexuality, gender etc. In fact if I could choose I'd probably like to have been born a bit further into the future. I love the bright colours and campiness/cheesiness that 80s/90s pop culture has to offer me (in the form of Saved By The Bell and My Little Pony Tales), and adore first wave 70s punk rock but will never have to experience the things punk rock was talking about. Am I making sense?

I have an enormous playlist that I'm constantly adding to that's full of this crazy mix of punk, new wave, toys, cartoons and more, you can watch it here. I like to put it on shuffle and autoplay then plug my laptop into the tv via hdmi (see? you couldn't do that in the 80s) and it's like you have your own retro tv channel!

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