Wednesday, 31 December 2014


I wanted to squeeze in one last post before the end of 2014.
This year suddenly went into overdrive in the last few months. I will be starting 2015 with a second job (and the prospect of a third), and a little less importantly, purple hair. I've mixed purple dye in with my usual red-pink before but the dye I use now (Crazy Color Burgundy) is a lot more blue based than Directions Rose Red so.. purple. A hair colour i always seem to revert back to.

In 2015 I am aiming for.. hmm.. buying a lot of clothes.. keeping busy.. trying out new make up brands (seems small but I'm so sick of Maybelline hahaha) and.. staying cute and true to myself! I'll be 21 in 6 months but I want to keep a cute and girly outlook. I don't have any regular resolutions like good health or drinking less because I am already on top of those things hah... I have been changing my eating habits lately and seeing a lot of good results!

Anyway, time to go get ready for the NYE party!
See you next year~

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