Monday, 15 December 2014

Cherry Cherry

Hello. Yesterday I was consumed by Hikapu mania and did something I don't usually do- wear red. This red phase (which I'm sure will be short lived) started with my red heart nails, and expanded when I picked up a tube of Revlon colorburst lacquer balm in Provocateur. I was impressed when I swatched it and had always wanted to try a bold red lip. Although it was hard to capture, I also used the lacquer balm as a blush. Because it's a balm and not a matte lipstick I found it did bleed a little, but my lips didn't get dry or feel waxy. I wore it all day at work and only felt the need to reapply when I had eaten. I wore two dresses, one over another, both of which were thrifted.

On a different note, today my city of Sydney was shaken by what has become known as #SydneySeige, in which an armed man has taken over 10 people hostage in a cafe. This has been going on for about 9 hours now as I write this, and 5 hostages have been released safely so far. Things like this don't happen in Australia often, and has scared the whole country. I worry not only for the hostages and their families, but the Muslim Australians that face prejudice every day because of these kinds of incidents, and are only set to face more as this situation unfolds. Already there have been incidents where people have formed crowds 100 metres away from the hostages yelling racist and xenophobic statements. Let us all be mature throughout this situation, even just on social media, and not alienate those whos religion has been twisted to support such a horrid cause.

As always thanks, and til next.

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