Thursday, 18 December 2014

26 Outfits of 2014

This year was all about white shoes, heart shaped bags, and forced reinvention of previous looks. I don't have a whole lot of money to spend on clothes and after the closure of Dazzling Lolita (Sydney's only importer of brands like Milk, Katie and Candy Stripper) I had to get smart about the clothes I already owned; and how I could coordinate them with thrifted pieces while still following my favourite style trends. I made up for my inability to afford brand with mooks and friends second hand sales. I picked up items from Monascas Banana, Milklim, Swankiss and Drug Honey just from second hand sales this year, and scored items from X-Girl, Dazzlin and Liz Lisa from magazines and mooks. I continue to dream about returning to Japan and shopping at Bubbles and Kiki2 or being able to buy one of a kind pieces on etsy but until a time that that even becomes slightly close to reality I guess my routine of visiting op shops and sifting through sale racks will press on.

This post can be found condensed into 10 outfits on my tumblr. I plan to post my outfit photos on from now on. And if you want a throwback, here's my outfit wrap up of 2013!

Til next~

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