Thursday, 15 August 2013

Hello again~

First time blogging in 8 months! I kind of come and go with this blog, don't I? Once again, not making any promises about the return being permanent..

What I wore yesterday.


IOM by taffakitty

I bought the Katie 'Angel' hairclip at a little store in the city called Dazzling Lolita. I've totally fallen in love with the store (full of pink creepers, winged purses and frilly skirts!) and can't wait to go back to it this weekend.
It's actually getting warm in Australia despite it apparently being winter so I was actually a little hot in this outfit.

Purchases of the day were a purple heart pillow ($2), gingham pajama shorts ($2), a pisces 'mermaid' rilakkuma plush ($29) and two Block B keychains ($5). 

I need to fix up this blog a little.. the little drawing of me on the side is totally outdated, heh. Not sure yet if I want another little chibi or to just use a photo.

Til next time, whenever that may be!

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