Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Thrifting 7/11/12

Today was a really lovely day. Aside from Barack Obama being reelected (yay!), I went to the op shop alone for the first time and it was a complete success! I don't usually go anywhere alone, and after an experience a few weeks back with rude staff I've been kind of apprehensive about going back to the op shop in general. But I got myself off my ass, got the train all alone, successfully pushed the door the first time instead of awkwardly attempting to pull it like I usually do, and even struck up conversation with another shopper about a particularly loud formal dress. She even came back up to me a few minutes later holding up a flowery dress she had found to ask for my opinion! It's rare that strangers are so kind to me, so I was really flattered.

There was a sale on shoes and bags (everything for $2) but of course all the cute stuff was already taken, so I left with all these pastel pieces at a total of $25 (way less than I thought I would spend!) Even the ladies at the counter complimented my choice of garments, teehee. It was all-round a really lovely shopping experience today. I felt so good on the way home I hardly noticed all the school kids pointing at me from the train platforms, hoho. I bought a grape soda from the local convenience store and smiled the whole walk back to my apartment.

Today being such a success is important to me because it increases my confidence about going to study full-time next year and maybe even getting a job on the side. If I can do this alone and have it work out so well, what can't I do! Maybe. Heheh. It's a small thing, but a big boost. Those that struggle with shyness or misunderstanding from the general public about their outfits will understand what I'm saying, I guess.

Til next!

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