Friday, 2 November 2012

Style Inspiration: Ruby Gloom

"Color is an attitude. It enriches the world, it brings you surprise, and its my inspiration."

Ruby Gloom is a Hong Kong girl who's style consists of big shoes, bright colours, chunky accessories and badges, and fun dyed hair. To me she looks like a fun 80's barbie doll that had her hair coloured with markers! She reminds me of old FRUiTS magazine scans- not conforming to any particular alternative style, but creating fun looks out of interesting pieces and starting trends herself. Her statement looks include mismatched socks, large cross necklaces, studs and neons. She has recently started a collaboration brand with Andi Autumn called LA-D-DA with plans to make accessories as well as music. Definitely an up-and-coming style icon, keep an eye out for her!

More pictures below the jump.


  1. Aww I just love her acid galactic colorfull style *___*

    1. what a great way to describe it!!


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