Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hot Summah~

Shhh. I'm not supposed to be posting these. But I love you guys.
Beanie, jacket and shirt are vintage, glasses are from a party shop, skirt is Revival for Dangerfield, tights are Ambra for Myer, shoes can be purchased on eBay.

I think I was channeling Seto Ayumi with my outfit! It was interesting returning to this kind of pop kei/spank style after wearing predominately cult party for a few weeks.
Ryan (who took those photos) and I went to the op shop today because he had never been. And he scored! He got 3 CDs, 2 books and a denim jacket (quite similar to the one I scored on Tuesday, har har.) I got 2 books and a DVD.

I now own 5 Edward Norton DVDs! Not enough, obviously.
We also filmed a skit for his youtube channel which should be up sometime tomorrow. Exciting!
Busy day really, with shopping in multiple districts, a photo set and video filming (which was more difficult than it should have been!) I'm pooped, might even get to bed before 2am tonight. Tomorrow Adam's coming over and we're gonna chill out and do something silly like rice flour facemasks or something. Hah!



  1. you look sooo kawaii,love especially ur skirt and shirt ^^

  2. Wow, that's a really cute outfit! *_*


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