Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Cult Party Kei and a Marvelous Return.

I think I need to start this post by admitting that I haven't posted in a damn long time. I mean, it's no secret, obviously, but I need to be honest about it. I can't just slip back into the habit of regular posting and act like I didn't disappear for a few months. And of course, as time does to people, I've changed a bit in my absence. I'll address the obvious - my hair is two shades of brown now, and I've started dressing in more fairy kei/cult party kei styles than the punky and dark keis I used to post about. I've been op shopping a lot and filling my wardrobe with pastels, lace and silk. It's healing my soul, I find. All these soft tones and textures.
I've also started to feel a bit different in the few months I've been aloof from blogspot. Highs and lows, the lows being a bit more prevalent, but in the past few weeks I've been getting passionate and excited about the things I enjoy again and I feel ready to keep happily pursuing my dreams and hobbies. It's tremendously good news.
That aside, let's talk about today's trip to the op shop and what I wore when I went there.

Everything is either made by me or vintage except the bag which was a gift and the stockings/socks/shoes which are from Myer and Target. I'm wearing two nightgowns over a baby pink nightie. The faux fur collar is made from a ski jacket hood.

The brown belt, bag and collar is my attempt at adding more mori girl influence into my coordinate, but I'm not entirely sure if it was successful or not.
Here's what I picked up at the op shop.

Beige ruffled shirt - $5

Denim jacket - $8
(badges are mine)

Spring dress - $5

And a super hasty outfit photo of the dress and jacket! I've wanted both a off-white lace dress and stonewash denim jacket for ages so I'm very happy with both these finds. I imagine I'm gonna sport them a lot throughout spring and summer. Acid wash denim was hugely popular in Japan this year during their spring, so I'm hoping it's a thing here too. The ruffled beige shirt is more for future mori girl and cult party coords rather than casual wear.

Tonight Adam and I are going to go see Moonrise Kingdom (yep, it only just released in Australia) which I'm super excited about becaus a) Edward Norton b) Wes Anderson c) we're probably gonna get frozen yoghurt after. I think green tea frozen yogurt with white tim-tams is my favourite dessert right now.

The only other thing I feel I can update you on is that I've become hugely hooked on Korean music and dramas. I've been staying up til 1am waiting for G-Dragon to release singles off his new solo album and refreshing dramacrazy.net like mad waiting for new episodes of To The Beautiful You. I love it all so much that I'm thinking about possibly taking a Korean language course in the near future.

Til next time, fair winds and stuff. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to make a proper post again. I hope to be back to posting fairly regularly from hereon in. As always though, no promises. Har har.

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  1. The White Dress is so beautiful
    Suits you really well *_*
    Looking forward for your next Posts x3


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