Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sickly Boney Girl~

I'm probably a tad obligated to make an update here because last time I posted I was 17.
Last Friday was my 18th birthday and I celebrated for about 3 days (which always seems to happen with my birthday as its hard to get all my friends together at the same time). I don't have a lot of photos yet because most of the photos we took were film, but when we get those developed I will make a big birthday post.
It was basically 3 days of sleep overs, Japanese snack food, cider, Fight Club, picnics and *ahem* herbs.

I didn't receive a lot of gifts because like me, all my friends are broke (teehee) but what I did get was a brand new laptop, which is oh so great. It's a Dell Inspiron, and we got a pink cover for it which I love. I also got a nail art coffee table book, a quilt my friend hand sewed for me, and skeleton tights! Finally.

I wear a pair of sheer black tights underneath them for extra warmth and to make them more opaque. I've wanted a pair for ages so to finally have them in my collection makes me feel close to complete~ sigh.

I've actually been quite ill for about a week now, I have some sort of stomach bug :( I've been spending the last week in bed with a hot water bottle eating toast, banana and yoghurt. I want to get better soon, I miss going out! (And creamy foods!)

And finally: I'm currently really obsessed with Korean boy band Big Bang. Like, really obsessed. I'm so upset they're not bringing their ALIVE tour to Australia! :'( :'(

I'm basically on tumblr much more than any other website at the moment, so if you miss hearing from me please give my blog a look at

Til next!

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