Thursday, 24 May 2012

I'm Sorry (Kind of.)

I have no excuse for not posting lately. I've been having a few very lazy, uninspired weeks and I haven't been contributing to any of the websites I'm on- not polyvore, not instagram, not lookbook, not 8tracks. I'm pathetic.
I am looking forward to start posting again soon, but until I feel I have something to post about, I guess this half-arsed hiatus will continue. I hope you all miss me.

Here's how I do my daily make up.


  1. It was really cool to hear your voice. You seem so full of energy. :D

    I'm just a plain "base-eyeliner-lots of mascara or false lashes" type of girl. I never use eye shadows and lipsticks, because I'm incapable of applying those and for some reason I look really strange wearing eye shadow and lipstick. Like a panda who has been eating a lot of jam... I think if someone who knows what they're doing would do my make-up, I'd be smashing.

    So, anyway, great video! Gave me a lot of hope and courage to start learning all that eye shadow thingy.

    P.S. My favourite line was:"Which I got for free. Cause I'm a cheap-ass." :D

    1. I post every Thursday on so subscribe to that channel to see more of me (:

      You shouldn't feel obligated to wear things like eyeshadows and lipsticks if you feel they don't suit you, for a very long time I used to just wear chapstick and no eyeshadow at all. If you're feeling a bit tentative about coloured lipsticks, start first with a tinted lipbalm like the one I use in the video- the colour won't be as intense and the balm will keep your lips hydrated. My makeup look is pretty dramatic to throw off my wig and the silly clothes I wear- if I dressed more casual I'd probably take out elements like the bright blush or glitter eyeshadows.

      Everyone says it-there is no other way to get good at makeup other than practicing on yourself! Good luck experimenting with new looks (:


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