Saturday, 21 April 2012

Avengers Assemble!

Wig: Minty Mix, Studded Jacket: Jay Jays, Crystal Castles Shirt: Bought at live show last year, Tulle Skirt: Alice In Wonderland for Jay Jays, Creepers: eBay

I will admit that I wore this outfit both yesterday and today. I had never thought of wearing a shirt over the skirt (it's twice as long as it appears here) but the jacket over the top hides the poof of layered tulle so I gave it a shot. I loved how it looked so much I wore it twice. (to the same place too...)

Yesterday I went to the shopping centre with my cousin Naomi to generally wander around and window shop. I had 10 pieces of tuna avocado sushi for dinner and was so full after! I'm so pathetic. Then I saw the guy that pierced my tongue at Hairhouse Warehouse and after half an hour of chatting Naomi decided to get her belly pierced! I tried to talk her through it and keep her calm but I've known her since she was born and so seeing her lying down getting her belly pierced just made me laugh. I'm a bad influence.
While out at the shops I saw an ad for a kids show they were holding for Marvel Avengers. Adam's really excited for the movie (which we're going to the midnight premier of next week) and generally loves Marvel superheroes so I decided to surprise him and take him to see it!

So today, after only telling him 'We're going to meet some very special people,' I dragged him to the shops and made him watch the whole show xD All the kids that volunteered to come up and play with Thor's hammer were so adorable! It was a really good laugh. Then while we were eating lunch (I had the 10 piece sushi again I'm so dumb) the Avengers were walking around the food court doing a meet and greet with the kids, so funny to see Iron Man and Captain America wandering around. I also got my taro milk tea upgraded from a small to a large because the lady working at Gumballs thought I was pretty and liked my wig! To me that's like someone buying me a drink at a bar. I was so very very full after that.

Adam had a great day of shopping, scoring a Turtle Beach headset for his Xbox, the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack and an Avengers poster (hehehe.) He also bought me a Hello Kitty DS game holder, it's the perfect accessory for me! And it came with a stylus that fits in my DS Lite too, which is great because my old stylus was so worn down it slid out of its pocket all the time. Ooh, and I reserved a Die Antwoord poster at JB Hi-Fi; it's so hard to find posters of them so I'm stoked.

In the evening we went to McDonalds with our friend Tom then headed back to his to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Such a big day of Marvel heroes! Adam was kind of owning us (he picks a killer team of Dante, Deadpool and Super Skrull whereas I'm partial to Tron, Haggar and Iron Man) but it was still a lot of fun. Button mashing is a skill of mine~

The exciting news of the day is that I am now the new Thursday contributor on Alien Maison! They're a collab channel on youtube with a lovely alternative vibe and I adore how fresh and different they are in comparison to other collab channels I've seen. I'm so honoured to be chosen to be part of the family, I'm super excited to get to know the other members and make some great videos! My first video for the channel will be online on the 26th, so go subscribe and get excited!

I've had a pretty big day for someone as lazy as myself so I'm gonna listen to OF Tape 2 and head to bed. Before I go, here's my latest playlist: similar to ko, its got a lot of electronic music and hip hop. I hope you enjoy it n.n

Til next!

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