Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Studded iPhone Case!

You've probably seen studded phone cases somewhere on the internet before. They pop up on tumblr every now and then; and then there are the people that try to sell them on etsy for $80. Well before you grab your wallet, have a read of C'est Classiques great and simple tutorial!

I followed it down to a T, ordering the same spikes from the same website and everything. $20 and some toothpick stabbing action later, here's my very own completed case!

I wasn't mathematical about the neatness of the stud placement whatsoever, but I can unscrew the studs any time and realign them if the messiness ever bothers me ;)

1 comment:

  1. (sorry for the super bad english :<..)
    but i also did this some time ago and i liked the idea but i didn't like the fact that silicon case made them look kinda messy and loose so i ordered a hard plastic iphone case and i did put those studs there on superglue ^^ it looks neater and by this far any of those haven't drop : D so i recomend that if someday that looseness start to bother you ~


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