Saturday, 10 March 2012

Pretty Wise

Today is the 1 month anniversary of this blog! What do you think of it so far? I hope you've enjoyed my posts and have been spreading the link to your friends (: A friend and I are currently working on a cute new header for the page, so look out for that!

I've spent the past week rolling around with a stomach ache and playing Sims 3. Does anyone else have the problem of trying to create a simself but having them end up way too attractive? It's just too easy to get carried away...

I tried to play a game without cheats, but then my sim got a bit ambitious and decided she wanted to be a novel writer as well as a a star news anchor. I'm not one to deny sims their wishes, so a test cheat and a shiftclick later, there was my sim with all needs bars full, pulling an allnighter to write a romance novel. And then of course she just had to own some businesses too, so I gave in and typed in some motherlodes >.> I'm pathetic.

Last night Adam and I saw Die Antwoord at the Enmore Theatre! I was initially introduced to Die Antwoord by an exboyfriend who sent a link to one of their videos as more of a joke than anything. I got hooked on watching their interviews and music videos online, trying to figure out whether they were bluffing or if they were the most original rap group on the planet. Late last year I actually listened to $O$ in full and became addicted all over again. They just have some crazy, brand new energy thats so easy to love!

We were lucky enough to get front of stage tickets and also arrived early enough to land a spot on the barrier! I hadn't been on the barrier for a gig in years, so I was pretty damn excited about it- and Adam had never been on a barrier before at all! We made some lovely friends Ebony and Cameron, who kept saying Adam looks like Jamie Ryan Dee... Do you see it? 

The support, a chubby DJ called KATO, started his set soon after we got inside and stayed on stage for 2 and a half hours. Literally. We actually only realised he was the support about half an hour into his set, awkward. By the end of it we were all pretty over it, and almost tired out by the same beat he kept integrating into all the songs. But then at 10pm DJ Hi-Tek came out and all our initial energy and excitement was back in full force (:

Yo-Landi was just beautiful. She's so fit and cute! And Ninja was hilarious, even memorising a whole Australian poem for us and crowd surfing twice. Besides the few rude people in the crowd and the weird-ass support act, it was a great show, everyone was dancing and jumping and it was all over too soon!

All of us! (Ebony and I both have purple hair!)

Adam actually ripped his shirt from his hip rubbing against the metal barrier, but I thought I was scratch and injury free until feeling how tender the areas where my bra underwire had pressed against my ribs were, and spotting some bruising on my knees D:


Also, unrelated: look at these cute pink shorts I made years ago and forgot I had! They used to be jeans, but I found them in the clearance section for little girls in Target and they were short enough for my ankles to stick out weirdly D: I think they look nicer as shorts though! Thinking about attacking them with bleach...


Look, there I am behind the letter C!

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