Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Going Grey

I feel like purple has really become my go-to colour over the past year. I always seem to go back to it, whether its a deep plum or a lavender lilac. Ever since I left school and was able to dye my hair whatever colour I like I've been experimenting with all sorts of colours but purple seems to just be my thing!
I want to integrate some silvery grey into my next dyejob. I wasn't sure whether I wanted my hair to be predominately silver or purple at first, but then I thought of Chanel's Spring/Summer Haute Couture 2010 and the to dye for (heh) hairstyles... dreamy sigh. The models all had sections of silver in their straight fringes and double headed beehives, and it worked just magically with their metallic and pastel outfits.

I'm also very excited to be ordering my first wig soon! I've wanted two tone blonde and black hair since i was 13 but the thought of stripping out black dye makes the hair on my arms stand up. (I have had purple/pink hair in the past though!) I've heard some fantastic things about Minty Mix wigs so I'm very confident I am going to be head over heels in love with my purchase!

Images sourced from Minty Mix,  Fashion Allure, Hair Colors Ideas, FY Lavender Hair and Lovely Dyed Locks.

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