Sunday, 25 March 2012

Fur! Fur! Fur!

It's happening, and I'm so excited!
First off I'd like to apologise for living in the southern hemisphere as I will be posting in different seasons to readers in the US, England etc. I kind of like being able to see what everyone here in Australia will be wearing in a few months when trawling northern hemisphere lookbooks/blogs/polyvores though ;)

That aside, omg fur! It's happening up there right now, so it's gonna happen down here in winter! And I am so excited. I cannot wait to see all the fashionistas walking around in cheap hooker coats. Really.

There was a heap of fur coats spotted on New York Fashion Week attendees this year. 

Look at all that warm and fuzzy goodness!

If the fur is faux and the weather is chilly let the fluffiness ensue, I say (: What a way to add some class to a lazy cozy winter outfit!

My other winter predictions for Australia are pleated skirts (long or short), maxi skirts, collars and (more) crucifixes. Forget autumn altogether, I want winter now!

Images sourced from The Fabulous Stains, C'est Classique, and Confessions of a Female Drag Queen.

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