Friday, 10 February 2012


I didn't get up to very much today as I was sick in bed, but I did manage to repaint my nails. They're meant to be little roses but I did a pretty botched job of it. Cutepolish made a tutorial which you can watch here.

I've been trawling polyvore and various fashion blogs and it seems the maxi skirt is becoming quite popular.

I used to not be into the whole maxi dress/skirt thing, but it's grown on me. Especially tulle, gauze or sheer ones. They're so playful yet oddly conservative! The other day I found a purple velvet maxi skirt hiding in my mums closet. She can't remember the last time she wore it. Mine now!

I have my heart set on getting myself a sheer pink skirt and a pair of white creepers, but I haven't found the perfect skirt yet and creepers are expensive ): All in good time! I actually came up with this look before stumbling across the image below: now that I've seen it on a real person I'm sold! It's totally cute.

What do you think of the long skirt look?


  1. i hate all skirts X°D also i want creeper D: but here no shops sells it!
    ps: nice nails ;3

    1. if i were to buy creepers i'd probably get them off ebay n.n


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